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All hail, Alma Mater

All hail, the pink and blue

Home of the Blessed Mother

We sing our praise to you

For you our own IHMC

Where R’s and arts are learned

Forever in our memory

The torch of love will burn

Immaculate Heart of Mary dear

May God lean from above

And bless you now and evermore

With wisdom and with love.

The years and distance between us

That time and life may strew

Can ne’er erase nor even dim

Our loyal love for you.

School Seal


The curved convergent lines inside the circle represents the journey of Immaculate Heart of Mary College Community since its founding in 1750 with the name Colegio de Santa Rosa in Intramuros; in 1949 adopted the name Immaculate Heart of Mary College situated in 142 Sociego Street in Santa Mesa and in 1957 the College was transferred along Aurora Boulevard where the College is now situated.


                Inside the banner at the left is a Heart pierced with a dagger, which symbolizes a persevering and enduring love; a Heart that ponders the word of God and keeps it. The Heart symbolizes the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Patroness of the school.


                On the right side is the burning Heart of Jesus Christ crucified that impels every Immacordista to love with the preferential option for the persons who are truly poor, where love is service.


                The banner stands for the continuous pursuit of the school to quality education and commitment to excellence in the church and in the society.


                The colors in the seal are red, blue, white and yellow. Red is the color of the heart that stands for perseverance, endurance, audacity, LOVE and LIFE. Blue and white are the colors of the Blessed Mother, blue stands for loyalty and white for purity and chastity. Yellow is the color of the church that stands for joy in rendering service, zeal and growth in the church. The values are integrated in all subject areas and in co-curricular activities.

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